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Marc Cohodes

Marc Cohodes

Short Seller

August 7th, 2017

"Home Cap will be revealed as one of North America's great corporate fraud, lack of disclosure, un-shareholder friendly companies out there," and that Warren Buffett was in for a "loan-sharking deal."

Mr. Cohodes doesn't think the pain is over for the alternative lender and that the recent Buffett deal will just delay Home Capital Group's inevitable downfall. Mr. Cohodes stated, "I think if they run this thing like a legitimate outfit, the company will not make any money ... their loan-loss provisions will go through the roof."

Mr. Cohodes is clearly not a fan of the Oracle of Omaha, and he recently predicted that Buffett would get a "sweetheart deal to do other Canadian investments with a pat on the back from the Canadian government."

Blood in the streets and the sharks smell it. This is a game Canada's going to lose.

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